Building on the foundation of the LG V30 platform, the LG V30S ThinQ integrates new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into the most commonly used features that are closely aligned to the needs and usage behavior of smartphone users today.

LG home appliances

LG V30S ThinQ smartphone

LG ThinQ was introduced at the beginning of 2018 to identify all of LG’s home appliances (including its 2018 OLED TV line-up), consumer electronics and services that utilize artificial intelligence. With the vision of becoming a human-centered AI company that puts consumers first, LG’s vision for ThinQ is to promote artificial intelligence as an approachable and less intimidating technology.

LG Electronics began working on making differentiated and intuitive AI based solutions for the most commonly used smartphones features more than twelve months ago. With a particular focus on the camera and voice recognition, the resulting Vision AI delivers a smarter camera that is even easier to use, while Voice AI significantly enhances the breadth of spoken commands in the latest mobile devices.


Intelligent camera features

Vision artificial intelligence includes three new intelligent camera features: AI CAM, QLens and Bright Mode that automates and enhances the smartphone image capturing experience for both amateur as well as professional photographers.

LG AI CAM analyzes subjects in the frame and recommends the optimal photo mode among eight photography categories: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset. Each photo mode enhances the characteristics of the subject taking into account factors such as the viewing angle, color, reflections, lighting, and saturation level.

LG QLens takes advantage of the image recognition capabilities of the artificial intelligence technology to scan QR codes and improve the overall online shopping experience. Capture an shopping item of interest with QLens to get information as to where to buy the product online at the lowest price as well as recommendations of similar items. Perform an image search with QLens to see matching or similar images of food, fashion and celebrities or detailed information of landmarks such as buildings and statues all over the world.

Bright Mode will enable low light photography on the LG V30S ThinQ smartphone. Instead of measuring only ambient light like most smartphone cameras, this AI feature uses algorithms to brighten images by a factor of two for better looking pictures with less noise.

LG Voice AI adds exclusive voice commands the V30S. Voice AI allows users to run apps and change phone settings through voice commands alone. Working alongside Google Assistant, the LG exclusive Voice AI commands eliminates the need to search through menu options and allows for direct selection of specific functions.

LG V30S ThinQ

LG V30S storage capacity

The LG V30S ThinQ takes smart devices to a new level with upgraded features that would satisfy even the most demanding customers. Packed with 6GB of RAM, smooth multitasking and fast performance is virtually guaranteed and storage capacities of 128GB in the LG V30S ThinQ and 256GB in the LG V30S+ ThinQ means that users of these mobile handsets will never run out of space. In the rare event that does happen, the microSD memory card slot provides even more storage, up to 2TB.

Still the thinnest and lightest among smartphones with displays of 6-inches or more, the LG V30S ThinQ is no slouch in the toughness and durability category, having passed 14 MIL-STD 810G test approved by the United States Department of Defense. The device is powered by a 3300mAh capacity battery and runs on Android 8.0 Oreo. The handset also offers Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology for wireless charging.

The Moroccan Blue color has been updated with an attractive green tint while new Platinum Gray gives the mobile device a sophisticated, elegant look. Both LG phones feature a lenticular finish on the back that displays different hues under certain lighting conditions.

LG ThinQ smartphones

LG ThinQ smartphones with artificial intelligence

The AI suite of technologies in the LG V30S ThinQ is the just the beginning of the company’s renewed strategy to create more intelligent smartphones that puts consumers’ needs above all else. While the V30S offers such advanced features out of the box, certain phones from LG will receive key AI features in future updates delivered over-the-air. Additional LG smartphones will be considered for future AI upgrades, depending on hardware and other factors for the best user experience.

Many smartphone vendors talk about artificial intelligence but we’re already delivering on our promise by integrating intelligent technology in the LG V30S ThinQ to features most commonly used by our customers for a whole new level of convenience never before available in a smartphone of this caliber. LG will continue to introduce new AI capabilities to enhance usability and to demonstrate to our customers that we are committed to delivering the best user experience that continues long after the purchase of an LG smartphone, said Hwang Jeong-hwan, president of LG Mobile Communications Company.