Lately, several ideas from Anton Cvelbar have been featured on LetsGoDigital. The Slovenian innovator has a passion for designing consumer electronic products and believes many of today’s widely used products can easily be made more user friendly by simply adding or modifying certain features. After showcasing very slim ear buds, he also designed a unique wrist phone and a laptop mouse. This time Anton showcases a unique phone case with an ear buds compartment.

It’s a smartphone case for an iPhone with a built-in compartment to store your earbuds. This way you always have your beloved AirPods at hand, so that you can use them at any time. Of course, this idea is also applicable for Android phone cases.

Anton is looking for support to bring his ideas to the attention of a larger group and has therefore started a fundraiser campaign. More details can be found on IndieGogo.

Smartphone case

Smartphone case with earphone compartment

The phone case has a similar width and thickness as a regular iPhone case. However, Anton’s case is a bit higher, leaving sufficient space at the top to store the earphones – without this being at the expense of the hand-fit of your phone. By storing the ear buds in the case they will stay firmly protected, it also reduces the change of losing the buds while on-the-go.

As soon as the earphones are stored in the designated compartment, they will be automatically charged via the reverse wireless charging feature of your phone. This feature is not yet supported by the iPhone 13 series, but it is expected that future iPhone models will support reverse wireless charging. Many Android phones already offer this functionality.

Also noteworthy is the cutout on the back of the case. This allows you to easily mount the smartphone case on, for example, a bicycle, motorcycle or arm. Ideal if you want to use the device for navigation or during training purposes. The phone case with built-in earplugs is also weatherproof, so a splash of rain won’t hurt either.

Do you want to support Anton’s creative mind? Visit IndieGogo and leave a small donation, he would surely appreciate it.