LetsGoDigital is an online magazine, founded in 1999 as one of the first websites reporting on the Digital Imaging industry.

Over the past decades the scope of digital cameras and video cameras has extended to a wide variety of consumer electronics. Due to this, LetsGoDigital gained a lot of experience in technology over the years, we have therefore expanded our activities to digital technology in the broadest sense of the word.

The knowledge we have gained we convey to our readers in an accessible manner. We provide international and local news, in-depth articles and product reviews. In addition, we report on leading technology events around the world. And last, but not least; we bring you breaking news stories on upcoming products.

LetsGoDigital is an independent privately-owned company. We have not committed ourselves to any agreements with manufacturers or providers that restrict us in our publications.


Game Museum

LetsGoDigital is the online news partner of the Bonami SpelComputer Museum in Zwolle. It is the largest game museum in the Netherlands, with an impressive collection of game consoles and computers. The heritage contains a wide variety of retro consoles, in addition all new gaming consoles are also present and playable in this interactive museum.

Concept Creator Jermaine Smit

Jermaine Smit – Alias Concept Creator is a 3D designer from the Netherlands who makes his concept renders available exclusively to LetsGoDigital. Do you need a professional video animation? Mr. Smit also takes on freelance assignments. He is specialized in designing mobile phones and industrial components and works very quickly and accurately.

Snoreyn Giuseppe Spinelli

Giuseppe Spinelli – alias Snoreyn – is a digital artist from Italy who creates the finest 3D artwork exclusively for our news platform. Do you want to professionally visualize your product? Mr Spinelli is also available for external assignments. He is specialized in gaming related products, works with extreme precision and offers a high level of finish.

Technizo Concept

Technizo Concept is a talented graphic designer from India who creates product renders and animated video animations of future smartphone models on a regular base, in collaboration with LetsGoDigital. These concepts are often based on information from the industry and/or patents of the manufacturer.

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LetsGoDigital is official Google News partner.

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