The Galaxy S20 Ultra is Samsung’s latest flagship model. Unique for this phone are its high-end camera features, including a 10x Hybrid Zoom and 100x digital zoom. If the S20 Ultra doesn’t satisfy your luxury needs, you may want to have a look at these exclusive models. The Russian manufacturer Caviar releases five Limited Edition models of the S20 Ultra, all are dedicated to playing cards. In addition, similar designs for the Galaxy S20 and S20+ are available upon request.

The new collection is called ‘Galaxy S21 Fortune’ and refers to BlackJack. 21 is the highest score in this card game. This elegant collection includes four aces and a joker. Naturally the Joker is the most precious one.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker Edition

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Gold Joker is a very luxurious phone with a back panel that is made out of composite kirinite. The elegant blue finish gives this phone a very stylish appearance. In addition, this smartphone is decorated with a Joker relief engraving, covered with 24-carats gold.

3 rubies and 3 sapphires make the S20 Ultra Joker Edition even more precious. The bright rubies symbolize diamonds and hearts while the rich sapphires present the clubs and spades.

A Caviar spokesmen says: The owner of this smartphone is doomed to success. The Joker is the most mysterious, elusive and strong card in the deck. It is mobile in the actions, easily allows for all possibilities and choses the most profitable position. Caviar Samsung Galaxy S20 Fortune Gold Joker is the accessory that attracts luck and allows taking it into strong hands and never letting go. So, the whole world will be at your feet.

Caviar will produce only 21 copies of this Limited Edition smartphone. The price of this unique smartphone is set at $39,900 USD. It’s the most expensive Samsung smartphone ever made by Caviar.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Limited Edition smartphones for men

In addition to the Joker edition Caviar also releases four Aces – a spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts edition. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fortune Ace Of Spades and the Fortunes Ace of Clubs are specially made for men. These precious models are made of exclusive materials with a back panel made out of black composite onyx. The relief figure of ace of spades / clubs is covered with pure gold.

Both phones will appear as a Limited Edition of which only 21 copies will be made. The Ace of Shades Edition is an embodiment of physical strength and will, ideal for adventurous men. While the Ace of Clubs is designed for willed, energetic men who are not used to stay still.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Limited Edition for women

Caviar also designed two passionate models for women. The Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune Ace of Hearts and the Fortune Ace of Diamonds come with a back panel made out of red composite stone. These luxurious phones also come with a relief figure of ace covered with 999-content gold. All models are decorated with a Caviar logo, engraved on gold.

The Ace of Diamonds Edition is an ideal smartphone for women that like to show their financial well-being, while the Ace of Hearts represents the sensual side of the human’s life. Like the other Limited Edition models from Caviar, these phones also come in a limited series of 21 copies. All four smartphones in the Ace collection carry a suggested retail price of $5,290 USD.

These exclusive smartphones come with the same features as a regular Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, meaning these devices do not only have an exclusive exterior, but also deliver the most premium experience available on a phone.