Caviar has released a new Limited Edition of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max). The Russian company is specialized in enriching existing smartphone models with luxurious and exclusive materials. The new Digital Signature Collection consists of three models, each equipped with a golden QR code that the owner can encode with personal information as desired – like a kind of business card. Hence the appropriate name ‘Digital Signature’.

The use of a QR code has increased significantly in recent years. Caviar responds to this in a unique way. Incidentally, it is not the first phone collection from Caviar in which a QR code has been integrated into the phone design. Last month, the company launched an iPhone 13 Pro Crypto collection, in which the QR code contains a link to the phone’s NFC. With the new collection, the owner can decide for himself what information the QR code contains.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

For example, you can compose your own business card, add a company website or a link to an Instagram account. The QR code can even be used as a COVID vaccination certificate. In the latter case, Caviar will replace the QR code once in case of re-vaccination.

The QR code is placed on the back of the phone. All three models feature luxurious materials, including gold, satin PVD titanium and exclusive engravings.

iPhone 13 Pro Limited Edition: Golden Card

The most luxurious model within the Digital Signature Collection is the iPhone 13 Pro Golden Card. This smartphone has an 18K gold back panel with grids – symbolizing the growing network of your business and personal contacts.

Caviar will only produce 19 copies of this exclusive model. Exclusivity has its price… the suggested retail price of this 18K phone is USD 35,370 – for this you will receive the iPhone 13 Pro with 128GB memory. Customers can also choose 256GB, 512GB or even 1TB. If you think the Pro model is too small, for an amount of USD 39,980 you will get the iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB.

iPhone 13 QR-code

QR Matrix model

The iPhone 13 Pro QR Matrix has a graphite-colored titanium housing with a gold coating. The back panel features a laser engraving, reminiscent of a QR matrix.

Caviar will release 99 copies of this model. A unique number is engraved on the side of the phone. Each device comes with a warranty certificate. The price for this Limited Edition starts at USD 6,370 for the iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) and $6,910 for the Pro Max (128GB).

Black card model

The third model features a stylish black housing made of satin titanium with a PVD coating. This model also has a golden QR code.

The price for this model starts at USD 6,220 for the iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) and USD 6,750 for the larger Pro Max (128GB). Caviar will manufacture 99 units of this device.

iPhone limited edition

iPhone 13 Pro (Max) specs

The iPhone 13 Pro Limited Edition models from Caviar offer exactly the same functions as the regular versions of Apple. The Pro model has a 6.1” AMOLED display, the Pro Max sports a 6.7” screen. Both offer support for an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate.

The smartphones are powered by the extremely powerful A15 Bionic chip and run on the iOS 15 operating system. A triple camera is built in, consisting of a 12MP wide-angle camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a 12MP telephoto lens. Videos can be recorded in 4K @ 60fps. In addition, a 12MP FaceTime camera is available on the front.

The iPhone 13 Pro has a 3,095 mAh battery, with which you can play video for up to 22 hours. The 4,352 mAh battery of the iPhone 13 Pro Max guarantees 28 hours of video playback – or 25 hours of video streaming.