Caviar has announced a new collection of Limited Edition smartphones. The Russian company is known for enriching Samsung and Apple smartphones with the most luxurious and durable materials, such as gold, gemstones and leather. This time Caviar has introduced an iPhone 12 Pro Limited Edition series in the theme of “Warriors”.

The iPhone 12 Pro Warrior collection was launched last October and consisted of 6 models to date. 6 new models have now been added. Caviar has used all kinds of rare and luxurious materials to manufacture these smartphones, including titanium with black super-strong PVD coating, pure gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and amethysts.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Mao

The Mao model is one of the top models, inspired by the traditional weapon of ancient China during the Han dynasty: the long spear of Mao. Only 7 copies of this Limited Edition smartphone will be made. The back of the device is decorated in 18-karat gold with decorative composite inserts.

The smartphone is richly decorated with three-dimensional feathers. The dragon motifs add an extra Asian touch, while the pure ruby in the shape of a blood drop adds extra luxury. The collection includes a golden amulet “Mao” with fragments of a real ancient Chinese halberd “Ge” of 2500 years old.

This special edition is available as an Apple iPhone 12 Pro and as an iPhone 12 Pro Max version, with a choice of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB memory. The price of this Limited Edition phone starts at $ 36,490 (iPhone 12 Pro 128GB) and goes up to $ 44,720 USD (iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB).

New iPhone model

Apocalypto model with Toltec arrowhead

The Apocalypto model is the most striking model in the Warrior collection. This smartphone is inspired by the military culture of the Indians. Caviar has decorated this model with a Toltec obsidian arrowhead of 1500 years old. As this is a rare artifact, only one copy of this Limited Edition smartphone will be made.

The iPhone 12 Pro is enriched with extra strong titanium with a black extra strong PVD coating, which is also used in the manufacture of Swiss watches. Entirely in theme, a 3D pattern of the Aztec calendar is also included in the design. In addition, Caviar has decorated the phone with 18-karat gold, which depict two old skulls with an Indian headdress.

The Toltec arrowhead has been incorporated in the center of the design. The original black obsidian arrowhead comes from the ancient Toltecs, who lived 1,500 years ago in Teotihuacán, also known as the “City of the Gods.”

This luxury smartphone has a starting price of $ 34,830 USD, for which you will receive the iPhone 12 Pro with 128GB of memory.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Caviar Warrior collection Rajan model

The third new model in the Warrior collection from Caviar is called Rajan and is inspired by the ancient military traditions of India. This colorful model is available in a limited edition of 7 pieces.

The exclusive smartphone combines 18 karat gold with a bright red and white composite protective material. These are the traditional primary colors in India. The colored gemstones (amethyst, sapphire, topaz, emerald, yellow diamond, chrysoberyl and ruby) are the centerpiece of this model. The colors of the stones are not chosen by chance either, they are the colors of the 7 chakras (energy centers) of the human body.

The iPhone 12 Pro Rajan is available for a starting price of $ 33,420 USD. For the iPhone 12 Pro Max prices start at $ 40,180 USD. Both variants are available with 128GB, 256GB or 512GB memory.

Exclusive smartphone

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Maya

Caviar has also manufactured a Maya model. As the name suggests, this model is inspired by the mysterious Maya civilization. This device is designed entirely in black and gold. Only 7 copies of this smartphone will be manufactured.

The iPhone 12 Pro Maya is made of titanium with a black super-strong PVD coating, with solid gold inserts with a laser pattern. Furthermore Caviar has incorporated three-dimensional black feathers and a Mayan calendar into the design. This model also has an inlaid ruby in the form of a drop of blood. It is the patron of brave knights who are wholeheartedly committed to their ideals.

The Maya model is slightly cheaper than the aforementioned models with a suggested retail price of $ 14,380 USD (iPhone 12 Pro 128GB). This variant is also available as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with prices starting at $ 16,540 USD.

Apple iPhone 2021

Apache model with calfskin

The Apache model was designed in honor of the Native Americans. This mobile phone is released in a limited edition of 99 pieces. It is a great addition for men.

The casing is made of rare kirinite Black Pearl of calfskin, aged according to the ancient technology. Caviar has decorated this iPhone 12 Pro (Max) with gold inserts with a three-dimensional animal pattern in the form of an eagle. The eagle symbolizes honor, courage, peace and friendship. To make this 3D eagle, 24 carat gold was used which was processed according to the Double Electroplated technique (7 microns).

For the Apache model within the Warrior collection, the price is set at $ 5,980 USD (iPhone 12 Pro 128GB). This model is also available in three memory variants. In addition, you can also opt for the Pro Max.

Limited Edition iPhone

iPhone 12 Pro Zulus

The latest addition to the Caviar Warrior collection is called Zulus. The Zulus were among the best warriors in Africa. These audacious and fearless people have inspired Caviar to create a Zulus edition. 99 pieces of this Limited Edition smartphone will be manufactured.

Caviar has decorated the phone with inserts of genuine leather with a leopard print, genuine exclusive python skin, and titanium with a zebra skin pattern. It’s a special and unique combination.

The Zulus model is the cheapest addition to the Warrior collection. This phone is available for a starting price of $ 5,720 USD. For the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB, prices go up to $ 6,880 USD. Each phone comes in a luxury box, along with a certificate of authenticity.