Samsung Netherlands just issued a press release for a SpaceSelfie mission with the Galaxy S10 5G. Soon the S10 5G will be launched in the stratosphere to give consumers the chance to get their selfie into space. A high-pressure balloon with the size of half a basketball court (10.5m x 18m) will take off from a launch platform in South Dakota in the US to a height of 20 kilometers, with a tailor-made cradle in which the Galaxy S10 is held.

Samsung SpaceSelfie

Space Selfie shot with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

This special cradle is designed to ensure that the best quality photos are taken, while taking into account the curvature of the earth and the light of the sun, whose solar energy feeds both the cradle and the Galaxy S10 5G.

On Earth, consumers get the chance to receive a photo of themselves in space by taking a selfie with their smartphone and uploading it on the Mission Control website. Everyone can submit their selfie via Mission Control. Two customized apps were developed to make SpaceSelfie possible. The first is an app for ground control, to send and receive selfies between Mission Control and the cradle.

The second is an app that is specially designed for the Galaxy S10 5G and that communicates with the photo camera on the balloon and orders the photo to be taken of the selfie displayed on the device. The S10 app tells the app on the ground to send the image back to Mission Control and deliver it directly to the consumer.

Samsung states: “Over the past five decades, Samsung has provided consumers with the latest innovations in screen technology: from curved televisions to dual edge display and foldable smartphones. Now, Samsung, along with aerospace partner Flightline Films, is bringing technology to the edge of space and giving consumers the chance to get their own “SpaceSelfie.”