As our world continues on its digital evolution, energy consumption is also rising massively. Researchers in the United States are expecting a tripling of power consumption in the next five years and our communications industry could very well be responsible for almost a quarter of the whole world’s power consumption in the next ten years. While most companies are doing a lot to prevent this, as individuals, we are not. Read this article for some tips about saving energy in your home and habits.

Energy consumption

Your energy provider and habits

While lower energy costs are great, you should be careful about which energy provider your power comes from. Many cheaper energy providers still run off grey energy. If you’re looking for an energy provider that serves green energy, there are many websites that let you actively filter them out, like You might think a ‘cheapest provider’ strategy is effective, it’s going to cost you more than money in the end.

Do you leave your PC on at work when you leave the office? Do you leave your TV plugged in when it’s unused? Is your house not well insulated? All these things cost power, and while it won’t impact the environment much when it’s only one household that does this, our collective habits are the issue. You should look into the devices and household applications you can save energy on. Having a well insulated house not only improves energy consumption, it will decrease outside noise levels, decrease the effect of the outside temperature and all around will improve your daily life.

Energy saving

Keep up to date with the latest developments in energy saving

Most of our world has shifted its focus to saving the environment, and are constantly working on improving our environment through rapid research and development. Make sure you keep up to date with these developments, as they can help you save energy and money in the end. At the rate we are going, if only companies and governments are looking for solutions, but individuals are not, we will never be able to save our environment.