The OnePlus 5T is the company’s most competitive mobile handset to date, offering the latest hardware and software updates inspired by the OnePlus community. The phone features a high resolution 18:9 display, enhanced low-light camera performance, and numerous software features.

OnePlus flagship phone

The OnePlus 5T marks the introduction of a 6-inch Full Optic AMOLED Display with an 18:9 aspect ratio to deliver the best viewing experience. Thanks to the built-in software algorithm, the OnePlus 5T touchscreen features a newly developed ‘Sunlight Display’ that adapts automatically to harsh light to facilitate a better viewing experience.

In addition to enhancing the visual appearance of the 5T, the large 6-inch display helps to improve the overall user experience. Users can calibrate their screens based on their viewing preferences across four different modes, including default, sRGB, DCI-P3 and adaptive.

The aluminum body of the OnePlus 5T is both functionally and visually slim, creating a premium smartphone that is not only comfortable to hold but extremely durable. Designed with painstaking attention to detail, the 5T continues OnePlus design’s proud tradition of refinement and total cohesion.

Dual camera system with advanced photography features

The OnePlus 5T smartphone comes with key improvements that enhance camera performance in low-light environments. The 5T features the same main camera as that of the OnePlus 5, but boasts an improved secondary camera equipped with a large f/1.7 aperture for low light photography.

With Intelligent Pixel Technology, the secondary camera merges four pixels into one, reducing noise in low-light environments and enhancing clarity. Additional software improvements have also been added to ‘Portrait Mode’ to improve noise reduction.

This is accomplished through new multi-frame algorithms that compare different frames of the same scene to filter out inconsistencies and improve the overall clarity of portraits.

OnePlus mobile charging solutions

OnePlus Dash Charge is one of the fastest charging solutions on the market for mobile devices. A half-hour charge gives the 5T enough power throughout the day. By carrying more current and shifting the power management from the device to the adapter to keep the phone cooler during charging, Dash Charge can continue to fast charge the OnePlus 5T even while using GPS or playing graphically intensive games.

The 5T offers a smooth experience through a combination of powerful hardware and intelligent software that works seamlessly together. OnePlus moved its fast ceramic fingerprint sensor, which unlocks the phone in under 0.2 seconds, to the back of the device.

With up to 8GB of RAM, the 5T can run a large number of apps in the background without a single second of lag, allowing users to switch between apps. The OnePlus 5T’s dual-lane storage, based on UFS 2.1, ensures faster app loading and read/write speeds.

The OnePlus 5T takes advantage of one of the most powerful and energy efficient platforms on the market, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The Adreno 540 GPU boosts graphical performance, so users can play games smoother than ever before on a smart device.

OnePlus OxygenOS

The newly developed handset runs on Oxygen operating system. OxygenOS offers a refined Android experience that is faster, cleaner and more customizable than other Android experiences. The mobile platform enables a more streamlined software development process, resulting in faster, more consistent updates guided largely by user feedback.

Newly added to OxygenOS is ‘Face Unlock’, which allows OnePlus users to unlock their smartphone just by looking at their device. One of the fastest on the Android market, ‘Face Unlock’ uses over 100 identifiers to unlock.

New features are vetted by OnePlus users through channels like the OxygenOS Beta Program and only added once OnePlus is confident the features can improve the way users use their phone.

OnePlus 5T price and availability

The OnePlus 5T in both the 64GB and 128GB storage options will be available on via the company’s website. The premium smartphone is now available in the United States and Europe. Retail prices start at $ 500 for US and € 500 for Europe.