The Russian company Caviar is known for decorating and enriching existing Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones with precious and durable materials. This time however, the company developed their own smartphone that runs on Android OS. Their new creation is called ‘Caviar Origin’, it’s a classic push-button phone made of luxury materials. The phone design is inspired on the luxurious Vertu push-button feature phones.

The Caviar Origin is designed for people that love a simple set of functions with personal data protection but with an exclusive and luxurious design. Thanks to Android OS, users will be able to install any desired app. In addition, Caviar will have WhatsApp pre-installed as this is one of the most used apps to send and receive messages to friends, colleagues and family.

Luxury and classic Android phone from Caviar

The new push-button phone is still under development. Currently the Caviar Origin is a working prototype with its own user interface, based on Android 11. The design of the feature phone is fixed, but the material of the body is not completely decided yet. Caviar wants to make this a luxury edition with gold, gems and other rare materials.

The expected release date is Q4 2021. The phone comes in a limited quantity. Prices of the Caviar original will start at $1,000 USD. The upper price limit will be determined by the clients’ preferences and the rich imagination of the designers.