Tesla Model S Limited Edition with matching iPhone 12 Pro

Caviar has designed an ultra-luxurious gold Tesla Model S (Plaid) concept car, with two perfectly matching iPhone 12 Pro Limited Edition smartphones.

Tesla Limited Edition

Caviar Luxury Atelier is known for manufacturing luxury and exclusive smartphones and accessories. The latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models are usually used as a basis for their exclusive creations. This time Caviar has designed two new iPhone 12 Pro Limited Edition models, which are inspired by the Tesla Model S electric car. To further enhance the feeling of luxury and exclusivity, Caviar has also created a golden Tesla Model S concept. It is the first car that the brand redesigns.

To start with the iPhone 12 Pro. The new Caviar collection consists of two models, a black and a gold model. The back of the smartphones are made of hardened titanium, which is used in the aerospace industry. The design is further enriched with a black and gold PVD coating, whereby the contours of the Tesla Model S are clearly reflected in the design.

Naturally, the characteristic Caviar crown has also been incorporated into the design. Both iPhone 12 Pro models come in a limited edition of 99 pieces. The costs for this exclusive smartphone start at $ 6,150 USD, for which you will receive the black iPhone 12 Pro 128GB. For the gold model, prices start at $ 6,600 USD. Customers can also opt for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both variants are offered in three memory configurations: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

Tesla Model S Limited Edition electric car

Caviar’s specially designed smartphones can already count on a lot of attention, but with the Tesla Model S concept car, the company is taking it a step further. The luxurious high-tech car that Caviar has designed has a black glossy appearance, combined with rich gold accents. It is a particularly striking appearance – a beautiful show car for The Walk boulevard in Dubai Marine.

The radiator grille, elements of the rear and front bumpers, side skirts, discs and rear-view mirrors are covered with 24k gold of the highest standard in the Double Electroplated technique. A striking design detail is the eye-catching Caviar gold crown located on the bonnet and rear bumper. Under the right rear light there is a sign showing the number pieces in the limited edition – 01/99.

The gold Tesla Model S (Plaid) comes in a limited edition of 99 pieces. This uniquely pimped electric car can be ordered for $ 299,000 USD. By comparison, Elon Musk’s model costs about $ 140,000 USD.

Tesla Limited Edition concept car by Caviar