Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Limited Edition

Caviar introduces six Limited Edition models based on the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra enriched with 24K gold, titanium and carbon fiber.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Limited Edition

Caviar is specialized in enriching existing phone models with durable and rare materials, such as gold and precious stones. Earlier this year, the Russian company introduced several iPhone 13 Pro Limited Edition models. This time it is the turn of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The new Samsung flagship is richly decorated with 24-carat gold, lightweight titanium and carbon fiber from the automotive industry.

Caviar has introduced six different models. Customers can choose which device is used as the basis: the Samsung Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22 Plus or the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It is already possible to place a pre-order for the new Limited Edition models. As soon as the new S-series smartphones are released the designers of Caviar will get to work to realize the new design. Caviar will produce a maximum of 99 units of all six customized devices.

The release of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will take place on February 25, 2022. The base model and the Plus model will be available from March 11, 2022. From that moment the jewelers at Caviar need about two weeks to realize the modified design.

Samsung S22 Limited Edition

The new collection is based on the Art Nouveau trend. Model ‘Ocelot’ is the most expensive addition. This device is richly decorated with 24-carat gold with a mottled pattern, combined with black PDV-Titanium and a gold laser engraving. The symmetrical lines make this Samsung Galaxy S22 Limited Edition a real piece of jewelry.

The smartphone will be offered in the same memory variants as the original. That means that the S22 and S22 Plus are available with 128GB or 256GB of storage. The Ultra model is also available with 512GB of memory. Prices range from $6,600 USD for the Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB) to $7,830 USD for the Galaxy S22 Ultra (512GB).

The second model in the new Caviar collection is called ‘Bird of Prey’. This smartphone is equipped with 24-carat gold with an elegant feather pattern. Beige crocodile leather is used for the lower part. This charming phone will delight many women. The price of this Limited Edition model starts at $6,370 USD.

Characteristic of the entire collection is the v-shape, which separates the camera from the lower part. This V stands for Victory and Superiority.

Galaxy S22 Limited Edition

Caviar has also designed various designs for men, including the ‘Great Gatsby’ model. The back panel of this smartphone is made of titanium. Decorative elements made of a jewelry alloy are covered with 24 carat gold that form beautiful three-dimensional golden lines. Prices for this exclusive and luxurious smartphone start at $6,450 USD for the Galaxy S22 128GB.

Do you prefer classic black? Then the ‘Drive’ will certainly appeal to you. This smartphone is made of black carbon fiber with a durable PVD coating. The titanium frame is extra durable and decorated with decorative bolts. The name is derived from the automotive industry, this Limited Edition smartphone symbolizes the speed and dynamism of sports cars. The design is inspired by sports cars from the 1920s – 1930s. Think of the Bugatti Atlantic, the Mercedes-Benz Roadster and the Talbot Lago. Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S22 ‘Drive’ start at $6,370 USD.

Enthusiasts can also opt for the “Victory” model. This Limited Edition smartphone is made of titanium with a satin finish and a black coating. The light and durable titanium frame is extra sturdy, the black crocodile leather also provides a luxurious and classic look. Also striking are the three silver-coloured V-shaped lines, which contrast on the black housing. For the Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB) prices start at $6,750 USD.

Finally, Caviar has released a ‘Titanium’ model based on the new Galaxy S22. For this model hardened titanium is used with a smooth satin finish. The lower part contains decorative elements made of black carbon fiber. Prices for this exclusive Samsung smartphone start at $5,980 USD, for which you will receive the Galaxy S22 with 128GB memory.