Slimmest built-in ear buds for smartphones

A young product innovator from Slovenia presents various creative ideas to make mobile devices more versatile and user friendly by adding a few features.

Smartphone Ear-buds

Anton Cvelbar is a young innovator and an ambitious product developer from Slovenia who is full of stunning ideas. As a true tech-lover Anton often feels products are not complete. In many cases the user friendliness is not optimal. Therefore, Anton presents 8 different ideas to show that by adjusting and/or adding a few features to commonly used tech-products, they can become much more useful.

Anton starts a Fundraiser on Indiegogo – if you want to support his thoughts, he would definitely appreciate it. The first idea is about a smartphone with integrated earphones. Anton came up with this idea way before Xiaomi patented a similar concept.

Smartphone with integrated earphones

Anton believes the wearing comfort should be one of the main aspects to take into account when designing good ear phones. If you can hardly feel the ear buds, it will be much more comfortable to wear them for a longer period of time. He took 3 years the time to develop the perfect ear tips.

The ear buds are only 9mm thick, making them the slimmest earphones to date. This is also necessary in order to be able to integrate the buds in a mobile device – which will not only make it easier to carry them with you, it also reduces the chances of losing the buds while on the go.

The design is clearly inspired on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live with one key difference. The silicone tips are larger and longer to better fit the ear pocket – regardless of the ear anatomy of the user.

If you want to support Anton’s ideas visit Indiegogo to learn more about his fundraiser campaign. Anton also recently started a YouTube channel called ‘IDEAS GO VIRAL’ to help other young innovators to bring their ideas to the attention of a wider audience.