iPhone 13 Pro Limited Edition with real T-Rex tooth

Caviar releases a new and exclusive iPhone 13 Pro Tera Collection. The unique Tyrannophone contains a fragment of a real T-Rex tooth, 80 million years old.

iPhone 13 Pro Limited Edition

The Russian brand Caviar is known for releasing unique Limited Edition smartphones enhanced with luxurious and rare materials. The design ideas are often inspired by big historic happenings – like the iPhone 11 Pro Titanic Edition or the iPhone 12 Pro Warrior Collection. This time Caviar has created an iPhone 13 Collection with the theme ‘Tera’ – a Greek word for monster. The new smartphone collection consists of three devices, with the Tyrannophone being the showpiece.

As the name suggests the Tyrannophone is inspired by the famous Tyrannosaurus, also known as the T-Rex. In addition Caviar releases two other iPhone 13 models, called the Monsterphone and the Teradiamond.

iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone

To start with the most unique model; the Tyrannophone – inspired by the famous ‘monster’ T-Rex. 96 million years ago, this powerful predator reigned supreme over the entire planet. The menacing sounds of the steps of this four-meter giant terrified all living creatures around him.

The iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone is decorated with a 3D dinosaur head crafted from titanium with a black PVD coating. The yellow eye of the monster is made of the purest amber. The predatory grin is not just a mere decoration. It contains a very exclusive and unique piece as one of the teeth of the tyrannosaurus is real. Caviar inserted a fragment of a real Tyrannosaurus tooth, 80 million years old, in the upper teeth of the T-Rex.

A total of 7 Tyrannophone models will be produced by Caviar. This iPhone 13 Pro Limited Edition with 1TB ROM has a retail price of $ 8,610 USD. Customers can also opt for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.    

Monsterphone Limited Edition

In addition to the Tyrannophone, Caviar releases two more ‘Tera’ models. The iPhone 13 Pro Monsterphone comes with a black case, made of hardened aircraft-grade PVD-coated titanium.

This phone model is adorned with an insert of scarlet impact-resistant composite material, which looks like a deep wound left by the claws of a dangerous predator. It makes you wonder what kind of creature could leave such damage on a heavy-duty body. Whether it was a werewolf, a vampire, or a dragon – it’s up to your own imagination.

Caviar will produce 99 copies of the Monsterphone. The retail price of this unique iPhone Limited Edition is set at $ 7,760 USD.

Teradiamond iPhone with diamonds and rubies

‘Tera’ has another meaning. Besides a monster, the word also stands for ‘terrifyingly’ large amounts of data. Therefore Caviar designers also created a Teradiamond model, based on the iPhone 13 Pro with 1TB of memory. This smartphone comes with the largest memory capacity in Apple’s history.

The Teradiamond Edition has a luxurious aircraft-hardened titanium case adorned with 1,028 diamonds and 128 rubies (1.3mm on the iPhone 13 Pro and 1.5mm on the iPhone 13 Pro Max). On the side of the device a unique model number will be engraved. This phone series comes in a limited quantity of only 18 copies and is available at $ 49,240 USD.