Galaxy S21 luxury variants of Samsung’s best smartphone

Caviar releases five luxurous Limited Edition smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, decorated with gold, diamonds, titanium and leather.

Galaxy S21 luxury variants

Last week, Samsung proudly presented the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series, of which the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the new top model. Based on this high-end smartphone, the Russian Caviar has released a collection of Limited Edition models. Caviar is known for decorating existing smartphone models with the most durable and rare materials, including gold, precious metals, titanium and leather.

The new 2021 collection from Caviar consists of 5 different stylish and luxurious designs. One richly decorated top model as well as two models for women and two models for men. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is used as the basis for all five models.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Gold Ox

The most special and luxurious Limited Edition version is designed to mark the Chinese New Year. According to the lunar calendar, 2021 is the Year of the Ox. The ox brings good luck and prosperity in the new year.

This has inspired Caviar to provide the Samsung S21 Ultra with a three-dimensional bas-relief of an ox’s head with a large shiny gold nose ring. This movable ring also makes it is very convenient to hold the smartphone in your hands, Caviar reports.

The back of this “Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Gold Ox” is made of black heavy-duty titanium with an elegant engraving. A stylish honeycomb structure has been used for the bottom part, where the 3D ox head protrudes. To make this Luxury Edition even more exclusive, Caviar has inlaid the eyes of the ox with two beautiful diamonds. This gives the ox an extra powerful and luxurious appearance.

Caviar will produce only 21 copies of this luxury version of the S21 Ultra, referring to the year ‘21. Caviar also introduced the phone on the 21th day of the year ’21 in the 21th Century. The price of this Limited Edition smartphone is set at $ 20,140 USD, for this amount you will receive the 128GB model. When opting for one of these models, it’s good to realize that the new S-series smartphones from Samsung do not have a microSD compartment to expand the memory.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Carbon version

Caviar has also released a more affordable Carbon Edition. This dark gray smartphone has a more restrained design, but at the same time looks no less luxurious. Automotive carbon fiber has been used, this material is particularly light and strong.

The top has a smooth structure, made of hardened titanium. The characteristic Caviar logo, in the shape of a crown, is also incorporated here. The underside has a rib-like structure, which gives the device a unique appearance. A beautiful item for successful men.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Carbon Limited Edition from Caviar is priced at $ 6,060 USD (128GB). The smartphone comes in a beautiful luxury packaging, which also makes it a suitable business gift.

Naturally, this smartphone offers the same functionality as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. There is a 6.8-inch QHD+ curved AMOLED display with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. The quad-camera system with laser autofocus sensor has also been renewed. In addition, Samsung has equipped the S21 Ultra with S Pen support, although the stylus pen is not included as standard.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Black Alligator

Caviar has also created the Galaxy S21 Ultra Black Alligator for men. As the name suggests, this device is completely black and equipped with black alligator leather. The characteristic V-shape that can be found throughout the 2021 collection is this time designed in 18-carat gold. The Caviar crown is also made of gold.

This smartphone model also uses hardened titanium. The bottom is decorated with soft crocodile leather. This gives the device a classic look and will also provide a nice grip.

The Black Alligator model is a little more expensive than the Carbon version. The retail price is set at $ 6,220 USD for the 128GB version. Caviar also offers the possibility to personalize the phone. For example, you can have a gold logo inserted, as LetsGoDigital also had done with the Galaxy S10 Limited Edition at the time.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra White Alligator

Caviar has also designed a feminine version of the Black Alligator version. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra White Alligator looks similar, but comes with white crocodile leather. In addition, silver accents have been applied, instead of gold. In addition to the V-shape and the crown, the entire phone frame and the camera are also decorated with shiny silver.

The hardened titanium back has also been given a matching color. It is a beautiful luxury smartphone for the successful manager or businesswoman. This elegant smartphone will be sold for $5.980 USD, making it the cheapest addition to the 2021 line-up. Caviar offers free worldwide shipping, after placing an order delivery takes about two weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Golden Lines

Last but not least, Caviar has also introduced an all-gold model, for the ladies who don’t mind standing out a bit. This time Caviar opted for a completely different line pattern. Relatively wide gold lines have been applied to the left and right sides, with very thin horizontal lines in between. Hence the matching name “Golden Lines”.

The characteristic Caviar logo is placed on the center of the device. Both the frame and the camera system have a black color, which makes them stand out. This time Samsung has opted to build in two telephoto lenses, each with 10 megapixel resolution. One can zoom in 10x, the other 3x. This new zoom combination seems to be a great success, judging from the first expert reviews that have now appeared online.

This female version will get a suggested retail price of $6.140 USD. Apart from the top model, Caviar will produce 99 copies per model. Each device has a unique number engraved on the side. In addition, a certificate of authenticity is included, which specifies the materials used to decorate the smartphone.