Foldable iPhone: Exclusive folding smartphone from Caviar

Caviar shows concept of a luxurious foldable iPhone Z that can fold twice, comes with a triple camera and has 90 diamonds hidden inside the housing.

Foldable iPhone smartphone

Many smartphone manufacturers are currently developing a foldable smartphone. Samsung and Huawei were among the first to introduce their version of a folding phone. Competitor Apple seems to need more time. Nevertheless the Russian manufacturer Caviar, known for their exclusive and luxury phones, came up with a concept of the foldable iPhone Z. The device has a 10.4 inch flexible display and can be folded twice.

Foldable iPhone concept

Caviar doesn’t want to languish unaware until the autumn premiere of the new Apple product and offers the giants from Cupertino their own concept of the new iPhone to review.

Obviously, the time of great changes and serious updates has come – iPhone adepts are missing truly grandiose innovations and revolutionary ideas, this is why Caviar designers and engineers introduced an extraordinary concept that will exceed the expectations of the audience.

The concept from Caviar is called iPhone Z, this is the sign of the new, young generation and the image of the silhouette that is “drawn” by the facets of the evolving smartphone at the same time.

Caviar’s version of a foldable phone can be used in various manners. There is a selfie mode, a tablet mode, a laptop mode and a screen mode.
• Selfie mode: triple camera can be used combined with a part (1/3) of the flexible screen
• Tablet mode: the maximally opened screen: 3876 x 2758 pixels (215mm x 153mm)
• Laptop mode: it is convenient to use the keyboard matching the screen size (68,8mm x 153mm)
• Screen mode: allows the user to put the smartphone on the table and watch videos with comfort.

The iOS interface automatically responds to the position of the smartphone and its bent parts in space and switches to the desired mode. The foldable iPhone sports a bezel-less Super Retina HD (458 ppi) display. The aspect ratio in the folded and unfolded form (due to the three-part structure) is optimal for devices of such a form factor.

Folded, the screen is pulled like a modern smartphone (20:9 aspect ratio). In the unfolded form the screen has a typical aspect ratio for the iPad about 3:2. In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy Fold where the screen is square.

Triple camera, in-display Touch-ID and USB-C connector

The concept by Caviar incorporates two cameras. A front-camera with Face ID dot projector. And a main camera system consisting of a 15 megapixel wide- angle camera, a 15 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 15 megapixel telephoto camera.

The foldable smartphone is equipped with an in-display Touch-ID (in addition to the possibility of Face-ID), because many iPhone XS users expressed their dissatisfaction with the absence of this option. In addition, Apple patented a new type of screen dactyloscopic sensor, that’s why Caviar engineers offer to use this technology in the new device.

The concept by Caviar is also equipped with an USB-C connector, this way, the revolutionary device will become even more comfortable for the users. The information about the possible switch of Apple to this standard also appears in the reports of analysts.

Folding iPhone with 90 diamonds

The design of the device presents an embodiment of the current luxurious Caviar style, an expressive alliance of black composite onyx (covering according to the technology Double Electroplated 999 gold content, 7 microns). 90 diamonds are hidden inside the housing, to see them you need to bend or unbend one of the parts of the smartphone.

Caviar used a rushing graphical pattern interpreting a sharp “Z” silhouette, in which the screens are “fold”, and in the center of the composition, the image of the legendary gold apple is preserved.

A representative of Caviar says: We really expect something amazing from the new Apple flagship and will not be impressed by any systematic updates! We, as the brand that has been working with Apple technics and their consumers for already 7 years, have our own ideas about it. We decided to dress them in the form of a concept and make it a public fare – probably, we’d be able to inspire Apple? We’ll send our progress to them.

According to the estimations by Caviar, a foldable iPhone of this class will have a price of no less than 2900 EUR. At the moment, this is only a concept, but Caviar is open to suggestions from other manufacturers of smartphones for joint development of such a device.