Samsung Gear VR headset with Controller for better gameplay

Samsung VR Controller delivers great virtual reality experience. Gear VR headset is compatible with the latest Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Gear VR

Take a closer look at this new addition to Samsung’s expanding VR ecosystem, designed to help consumers get more engaged and immersed in VR content – whether it’s playing games or watching videos.

Samsung Gear VR controller

For optimal play and convenience, the VR Controller features an ergonomic, curved design, offering convenient one-hand control and better motion interaction with minimized head movement for a comfortable user experience. Featuring a refined design and a new, multifunctional Controller, Samsung’s latest Gear VR headset introduces more comfort and fun to the virtual reality experience, taking users’ immersion to entirely new levels.

Built to combine the functions of a gamepad and remote control, the standalone, motion-sensitive Controller adds comfort to the Gear VR experience by placing the device’s controls in the user’s hands rather than on the headset itself.

With a curved design, the Controller offers a natural grip for enhanced one-handed control. Its clickable touchpad and trigger allow users to easily navigate VR apps and virtual worlds with simple motions. The position of home, volume and back keys ensures easy access to the functions, so users can manage them while fully focusing on their activity.

In addition, the Gear VR Controller offers better motion interaction with minimized arm and head movement for comfortable and prolonged use. And for those especially active moments, the wrist strap provides a secure grip. When finished with a VR session, the Controller may be conveniently holstered on the headset’s strap.

Samsung Gear VR headset

The Gear VR headset’s ergonomic design makes for a secure and highly wearable fit while its expansive field of view (101 FOV) helps to minimize users’ motion sickness so they can enjoy immersive visuals for longer periods of time.

Samsung Gear VR users will never get bored as there are hundreds of diverse apps to choose from in addition to a newly added social VR party service that allows them to connect with friends to chat, watch videos and livestream games on social media.

The Gear VR Controller can be purchased separately and connected via Bluetooth to compatible Samsung smartphones to work with previous versions of the Gear VR.