LG V30 Raspberry Rose showcased at 2018 CES

Woman will love LG's pink flagship smartphone. LG V30 Raspberry Rose showcased at 2018 CES in Las Vegas.

LG V30

Visitors to CES 2018 in Las Vegas Convention Center will be the first in the world to experience LG Electronics’ latest flagship V30 smartphone in Raspberry Rose color. The LG V30 Raspberry Rose will be available right after 2018 CES.

LG V30 Raspberry Rose

Raspberry Rose, an intense saturated version of red, is a hue quite unlike any previous smartphone color offered by LG Electronics or its competitors. Designed for fashion-conscious smartphone users, LG created a unique Rose color that provides outstanding visibility and to makes this V30 an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

The latest addition joins the four other eye-catching colors – Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet – to create a fashionable line-up that is as beautiful as it is functional. LG Raspberry Rose handset owners will be able to enjoy the same high-end features and exceptional capabilities that have propelled the V30 to earn worldwide praise, from customers and critics alike.

Raspberry Rose smartphone

Offering a premium design in a slim and light package, the LG V30 flagship phone boasts a number of exceptional multimedia features such as a dual camera for professional-level quality photos, with an upgraded wide angle lens for reduced edge distortion. And let’s not forget about the superb sound driven by an advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC and audio tuning by the specialists at B&O PLAY.