TV trends: bigger screen sizes

The TV market keeps evolving. Screen sizes keep increasing, especially in China customers buy bigger sized TVs every year.

TV trends

At CES 2018 manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic showcased their latest TV innovations. This year we will see the resolution increases to 8K and TV’s will start featuring artificial intelligence features. Furthermore, screen sizes seem to keep becoming bigger. Across the globe people are interested in viewing movies and sports on large screen TVs.

Chinese vs American TV market

The Chinese TV market has grown significantly during the past years. A recent report from IFA Tech Trends estimates the Chinese will buy even bigger TV-screen sizes than Americans by 2020.

American have had the biggest TVs for many years. But Chinese customers are also extremely interested in large size TV screens. According to the report, the Chinese will buy average TV screens of 54,1-inches in 2020, while American TVs will be 52-inches on average.

The Europeans are number three with an average screen size of 48,9-inches. The Japanese are expected to stay behind with TV-screens of approx. 40-inches.

The data from the IFA Tech Trends report is based on real-time point-of-sales data from GfK, a global leader in market and consumer information, and the insights of the team behind IFA Berlin. IFA 2018 will take place in Berlin, Germany from August 31 to September 5.