Interactive 3D viewer in the browser from Xuver

Xuver presents an interactive 3D viewer in the browser. Walk into a virtual building with your own avatar and talk to others in real-time about the design.

Xuver 3D viewer

The use of 3D viewers is not new. There are several free 3D viewers available online, however, you always need a download or plugin to use them. The Dutch company Xuver has now developed an interactive 3D viewer that offers completely new possibilities. Users can virtually enter a room with their own avatar and walk through it with someone else. Thanks to a built-in voice module it is even possible to talk to each other, directly in the internet browser, without the need of a download or plugin.

Interactive 3D viewer in the browser

It is an ideal way for architects to walk through a sketched design together with a customer, while walking they can easily discuss their further plans. This way the customer gets a much better and more realistic picture of the final design. Customers can give direct feedback, allowing architects to work dedicated, to the needs of the customer.

The customer does not need to install any additional software, they also do not have to step in their car to visit the architect’s office. Everything can be done directly in the browser, from home, from the office or any other place of your liking.

But of course the field of application of an interactive 3D viewer is much broader than just the architects’ branch. Brokers, interior designers, offshore companies and even e-learning and web shops can benefit from this new virtual solution.

Laurens Kok, sales manager at Xuver, summarizes it briefly and concisely: Pretty much everyone who is involved in 3D designing and who wants to offer a clear, supporting image to the client can find a use for this versatile viewer.

Virtual active environment

Several people can participate in the 3D session. Within the virtual active environment it is possible to talk to each other, but you can also point out details with the aid of a laser pointer. In addition, the viewer offers many more interactive possibilities.

Designers can easily convert the four most frequently used file formats into a file format developed by Xuver that is compatible with the 3D viewer. Currently, Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp and IFC files are supported, in the near future extra converters and plugins will be developed, so that other drawing programs are supported too.

You can now try the interactive 3D viewer yourself. Xuver offers a free trial period of two weeks. Download the online tool, upload your design and make a virtual tour with your avatar.