Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 with camera design of Galaxy S21

The successor to the Galaxy Z Flip clamshell phone is likely to come with a triple camera, a larger cover display, slimmer bezels and a new hinge structure.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Next week, Samsung will announce its first high-end smartphones for 2021, the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. These models get a newly designed camera that extends all the way to the frame. Samsung is expected to integrate the updated camera design of the S21 series into other 2021 flagship models as well. For example, LetsGoDigital already illustrated the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra with a similar camera last week. It’s not unlikely that upcoming foldable smartphones from Samsung will also have a similar design.

The first folding phone that Samsung will introduce in 2021 is most likely the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. There is still some uncertainty about the name of this flip phone. Recently, rumors surfaced that Samsung will not call this model Galaxy Z Flip 2, but Galaxy Z Flip 3 – in order to align the name with that of the Z Fold series. Two models of the latter series have already been introduced, in the form of a Galaxy Fold and a Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Samsung Z Flip 3 foldable smartphone with updated design

In a Korean forum a concept image has surfaced showing how the Galaxy Z Flip 3 might look like – thanks for the tip Tron. The visuals are kind of a mix of the original Z Flip and the upcoming week expected Galaxy S21. The foldable phone is shown in a chic purple color, with a copper colored frame and camera system. This color combination, called Phantom Violet, is also expected on the S21 / S21+.

Based on the concept photo, LetsGoDigital has designed an additional image, showing the device in an unfolded position, with official Galaxy S21 wallpaper and a renewed hinge – we will come back to this later in this publication.

A triple camera is visible – similar to that of the Galaxy S21. Last year, Samsung opted for a dual camera. In the meantime, several stories have surfaced on the internet that Samsung wants to provide the Z Flip 3 with a triple camera.

However, the question remains whether this configuration will be identical to that of the Samsung S21. After all, based on the past year, it would make more sense if this camera system remains predestined for the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. But perhaps the Z Fold 3 can count on an even better camera set-up this time – comparable to the camera system of the Note 20 Ultra and S21 Ultra.

Furthermore, the cover display is considerably enlarged – this way some little more information can be displayed on this second screen. There have been rumors for some time that Samsung intends to enlarge the cover display on the Z Flip 3. This would also be in line with the Z Fold series – the larger cover display is one of the major improvements of the Z Fold 2. In December 2020, LetsGoDigital already discovered a patent for a Galaxy Z Flip device – showing the flip phone with a relatively large square cover display.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is also expected to feature slimmer bezels – leaving more room to integrate a large flexible display without increasing the overall dimensions of the device. For this it seems to be necessary to adjust the hinge, as it runs quite far inwards on the Z Flip – compared to the frame. With large bezels, this is not a problem, but as soon as they become smaller, the hinge will have to be adjusted accordingly – our product render are therefore adapted to this.

It is in line with expectations that improvements implemented on the Z Fold 2 will also be available on the Z Flip 3. Consider, for example, the 120 Hertz refresh rate of the flexible display. We also expect the unique cleaning system, which is integrated into the hinge to remove dust and dirt, to be seen in the new clamshell phone from Samsung. A punch-hole camera system will probably be built in as well.

Samsung foldable smartphone models in 2021

It seems Samsung wants to introduce even more foldable phone models in 2021 than last year. After the Galaxy Fold in 2019, Samsung released both the Galaxy Z Flip (5G) and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for the international market in 2020. In addition, the company released an even more luxurious Chinese version of the Samsung Z Fold 2 too.

If we are to believe the rumors, Samsung will introduce no less than 4 new folding phones next year. In addition to the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, Samsung seems to plan to also release two cheaper models, in order to introduce a larger audience to the new market of foldable smartphones. These models could be named Galaxy Z Flip 3 FE and Z Fold 3 FE (Fan Edition) – just as the Galaxy S20 FE is also the cheapest S-series model of 2020.

For the time being it remains unclear how these smartphones will differ from their more expensive brothers. It also remains to be seen when which model will be released. The Z Flip 3 will probably arrive first, but it will not be introduced simultaneously with the S21 this year, Samsung will probably wait until the spring of 2021. In the coming months more details are likely to arise.