Sony PlayStation game cartridge, but for which console?

Sony Interactive Entertainment patents a new game cartridge for an unknown game system. Does Sony have a new console or handheld in the planning?

Sony Playstation game cartridge

In August this year, LetsGoDigital unveiled a patent for a new game console. At that time it was still unknown what kind of game console it would be. Not long after, however, it became clear that it was the Sony PS5 Developers Kit. This time Sony Interactive Entertainment has again filed a patent for an unknown device at the same Brazilian patent office.

Original source with documents: Sony PlayStation cartridge.

Sony PlayStation cartridge

At the end of June 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent with the INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) in Brazil. The design patent entitled “Configuration applied to / in data recording and storage equipment” was published on November 5, 2019.

The application is internationally categorized as Class 14.99, with the description “Miscellaneous”. In Japan, however, this classification is described as “Electronic game accessories”.

Yujin Morisawa is the inventor of this product, this is the senior art director of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Morisawa is responsible for all products associated with the PlayStation brand. Partly for this reason, it seems likely that Sony is developing this game cartridge for a new PlayStation product.

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