Samsung advanced predictive text feature

Samsung develops advanced predictive text technology to understand a text message and predict multiple words.

Samsung predictive text

In our Dutch edition we have recently written about a new foldable phone design from Samsung and an on-screen fingerprint sensor concept. Our friends over at Mobiel Kopen found another interesting patent in the WIPO database.

Samsung predictive text technology

Predictive text has existed since the very first Galaxy S smartphone. But it seems Samsung has found a way to further develop this useful feature. The Koreans patented a new method for predicting text.

Samsung does not only want to assist in finding the right words while you are typing, they want to predict what your response will be to a received message.

In order to predict a phrase or multiple words, the processor needs to identify the contextual category of a message. The Galaxy phone will than show multiple choices to the user.

For example, you receive a message like: ‘I am sick today’. The context of this message is sentimental, so the phone will give you prediction advices like; ‘that’s bad’ and ‘it’s okay’. Users can easily choose which option they prefer.

The software will be able to understand sentimental messages, but also distances, time and quantities. So if you receive a message like: ‘It costs around 100 bucks’, you will get a prediction like ‘Wow!’ and ‘Oh!’.

To make this technology available for everyone, Samsung needs to work with different language models.

The patent was filed in June, the initial WIPO patent was filed a year earlier. So we may even see this new functionality in the premium Galaxy S9 smartphones beginning of 2018…

The patent can be seen here.