Padmate Bluetooth wireless earphones

Padmate announced the PaMu Scroll wireless earphones, they are small and offer a great sound experience. The earphones come in a unique charging case.

Padmate wireless earphones

Earlier this year the Chinese manufacturer Padmate introduced the PaMu X13, good quality wireless earbuds at a very affordable price. Now the company has released its latest earphones, the PaMu Scroll are only half the size and offer even better sound quality. The new Padmate wireless earphones will be released next month.

Padmate wireless earphones

The PaMu Scroll are only half the size of the PaMu X13. Even more important, they also deliver a much better sound experience. The earphones offer Bluetooth 5.0 support for a fast pairing process.

The wireless earphones from Padmate come in a unique charging case. The charging case is a roll wrapped in leather with a magnet lid. The case is also compatible with a Qi wireless power pad, allowing users to wirelessly charge the earphones.

Are you interested in the new earphones from Padmate? Visit the tech gadget website I4U, they have just published a full review of the PaMu Scroll earphones.

Padmate will initially sell the PaMu Scroll for just $39. The new PaMu Scroll wireless earphones go on sale on September 12 on the IndieGoGo platform. The regular price of the PaMu Scroll is $149. You can sign-up to the pre-launch waiting list on the Padmate site.